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Feedback from Kaufman

From: Kaufman, Steve [mailto:]
Sent: Wednesday, December 07, 2016 11:30 AM
To: Sales Laos Tours
Subject: RE: Request customized tour from Stephen Kaufman

Hi Nancy,

Yes.. i have a wonderful trip in Laos adventure tour 10days πŸ˜€ but it’s pity not to meet you.
Cycling trough Laos country side was an extraordinary experience. The unspoilt and lush landscapes, the harvesting on the rice fields, thesmall remote villages and watching from close by the daily life of the people: this cycling journey was unique and surely a “once of a lifetime” experience. The organization was perfect,
The entire team took really good care of us. In my case, the presence of the van was really assuring and I regularly used it to avoid the steepest and hardest parts of the route. I realize again how wonderful this bike tour was… The decision to go to Laos with red spokes was one of the best decisions I ever made πŸ™‚

Thanks again!

Stephen Kaufman Wednesday, December 07, 2016
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